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Making sure your employees are healthy can really save a business some cash.  And that’s the idea behind a new program being offered to local company’s through Mercy Medical Center’s Business Health.

It’s a high tech way to get a handle on your health.  “It’s a visual to help people motivate,” said Kim Jorgensen.  Kim Jorgensen is talking about MyBioCheck.  It’s an iPad program that helps medical professionals tally up your health risk.  First a you step on a scale.  Get a measurement of your waist.  Take your blood pressure.  And have your cholesterol and glucose tested through a finger stick test.  Those numbers are entered into the program, and the results are fast.  “This gives immediate feedback, so that the individual at that point in time can know their numbers and get a report card,” said Jorgensen.  “Grades are all universal.  I mean, we all understand what an  ‘A’ is, what a ‘B’ is, what a ‘C’ is,” said Jorgensen.

The program works in English or Spanish and can also give instant feedback on how to improve grades, through lifestyle changes like losing weight and stopping smoking.  The business gets an overall tally, not individual results, but enough information to help them help you.  “It helps them identify what maybe some of their health risks are with their employee population, so they can offer some other  type of, wellness types of, programs,” said Jorgensen.  “It also helps with employee productivity.  People who are healthier generally show up to work.  They usually have more energy and are more effective and productive.  They tend to have better moods, so morale’s improved,” said Jorgensen.

And another biggie, Kim Jorgensen says helping your employees get healthy can lower your company’s health care costs.  In fact, she’s seen that happen here in Siouxland.  If you would like to have the My BioCheck program done at your business, just contact Mercy Business Health.

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Customization Services

TRALE offers a wide variety of customization options for all of our products, including MyBioCheck™ for iPad, TRALE Backpack™ Portable Health Risk Assessment (HRA) system and the TRALE Explorer™ Online HRA application.



Q: What kinds of HRA tools does TRALE offer?

A: We offer several HRA tools to fit your needs, including both GINA and NCQA compliant versions.